Early on, Giuseppe recognized his passion for creating art and immersed himself in a creative philosophy of life at a young age. Through contact with his cousins from Italy, who have been active artists for a long time, he began to be more active at the age of twelve and completely immersed himself in the world of creation. They and their group of artists particularly inspired him during his development phase. A few years later Giuseppe Aiello was already creating his own style. Self-taught, he continuously and tirelessly developed his art. His life has always revolved around colors, art and culture. He has already been able to show his works in many solo and group exhibitions in Switzerland and Italy. Giuseppe Aiello was born in 1990 in Eastern Switzerland and moved to Basel in July 2016, where he has been living and working as an independent artist ever since.


His art is figurative, abstract, expressive and surrealistic. He shows character and behavior studies in an artistic documentation of his everyday life and life situations. Giuseppe’s paintings are an invitation to wander into an alternate reality. His intention is to create eye-catchers, to bring out the artistic enthusiasm that is in the paintings and to create dynamic works that serve as fantasy stimulators. Particularly stand out in his art scattered, puzzle-like and contrasting elements that take on a variety of shapes when viewed for a long time, encouraging an imaginative puzzle game. Making lost things findable. Since Giuseppe does not indulge in just one technique, but as an artist is always exploring new experimental paths, his greatest motivation is to evolve. He loves the feeling of being completely free to dive into projects, not caring if he deviates from his style. This feeling gives him the ability to change, move and evolve. Because of his casual nature, he does what comes up and is freed from „having to“. In addition to conventional painting, he works with a variety of techniques and creates art from all materials. Imaginatively, he creates new works of art again and again. Freedom in creative expression is his greatest passion.